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Wireless Environment, LLC, our parent company, is an innovator of LED lighting technology that optimizes the performance of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting in off-grid lighting applications. We have been filing intellectual property and launching successful products in off-grid lighting since 2006. We currently have 25 patents filed and 13 patents issued in the United States as well as several patents filed internationally. We develop our own products based on our own original ideas. Our vision for the future is that lights will eventually need to be operated off the grid as effectively as they operate when connected to the grid – similar to a laptop computer.


Our Mr. Beams® line of energy efficient, wireless LED light fixtures launched in 2008 to offer indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions where you need them most. Our motion-sensor activated battery-operated LED lights provide convenient and affordable hands-free lighting anywhere, without an electrician.


Several of our Mr. Beams® and ReadyBright® products are covered by our patents. Our patented advanced technology grid shifting solutions address emergency lighting and energy management in lighting with embedded intelligence and energy storage.


ReadyBright® was developed to offer families an affordable, portable lighting system for the home during a power outage. This award-winning power failure lighting system runs on batteries, installs in minutes, and instantly provides hours of bright clear light throughout your home in the event of a power outage. ReadyBright is also popular in buildings and offices to supplement existing commercial emergency lighting systems.

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